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Short Arm Zombie Design - Arm Cast Cover for 3-6 Years Old Kids - Orthopedic Products Accessories

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Relieve your kids' pain by forgetting that they have a broken or fractured arm and turn it into a cool zombie arm with this unique short arm cast cover for 3-6 years old kids.

  • Conceals your injury with style while you keep your cast clean and free from dirt and germs.
  • Prevents arm casts from snagging clothes, scraping skin and makes it very easy to apply a waterproof swim cover.
  • Currently available in 2 sizes: Kids from 3-6 years old and kids from 7-10 years old. You can also find these size in a bionic version design.
  • Machine washable, Easy to slip on and remove. Makes it easy to slip on on off waterproof covers!

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