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The Atypical Sketchbook of Pugs - Creative Sketch Book for Kids and Adults. Art Activity Book

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Get creative by completing funny pictures of Pugs with the Atypical Sketchbook! The perfect sketch book and coloring book for kids and adults. Are you ready to use your imagination?

  • LOOKING FOR TODDLER GIFTS? - The Atypical Sketchbook of Pugs is a drawing book for kids and adults with incomplete fun photos of pugs that have to be completed using the imagination. A unique scratch book idea!
  • LOOKING FOR TEACHER TOOLS? - You can use this art book as a school supply in your classroom and reinvent the way of making art activities for students.
  • KIDS ART PROJECTS - Girls and boys who love to color and draw will love this coloring and doodle notebook.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES - This sketching pad is 8 x 6 inches and 24 pages with funny incomplete pictures of pugs. It also comes with 36 high-quality and funny stickers that you can use to accompany your kid’s doodles.

The Atypical Sketchbook of Pugs is a unique way to help you develop your drawing skills, while nurturing your creativity and imagination. Along with the ability to create any kind of drawing, you also get to create characters and invent funny stories about them.

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